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Growing our graduate offering


​Recently we held an assessment day to find the Undergraduate of the Year in Maths, Economics and Finance. The day was the culmination of a lot of hard work and planning that dates back to August last year when we created the award with Target Jobs and GTi Media. Over 600 undergraduates applied for this award from some of the top universities in the UK, all of whom took part in seven psychometric tests designed by the testing provider SHL as well as a number of competency based questions aligned to our company values. Having reviewed all of the applications we invited the top 20 undergraduates to attend an assessment centre held at our head office in London to determine the overall winner of the award. During the assessment centre the undergraduates took part in three assessments, firstly a values based assessment to understand their key drivers for their career, their potential team and their company. They were then involved in a group exercise to observe their teamwork and interaction skills, with the final part of the day being a face to face interview with one of the business managers and resourcing partners.

Sponsoring the Undergraduate of the Year Award for Maths, Economics and Finance allows us to build stronger relationships on campus and in faculty which in turn helps identify the very brightest minds. In return we are able to give them a challenging yet truly rewarding experience as a GM&T intern with the overall winner getting a placement in our Singapore office during his/her summer internship with us. 

For us, this was a logical step in the continued investment, marketing and development of our graduate brand. With the ambition to become the world's number one energy trading firm we need to continue to attract the very best talent. In the last two years we have put in place a graduate development programme that has seen us hire 50 exceptional graduates; many have just completed their first 18 months with us and are already making highly valued contributions to our growth.

From a standing start by working with the right media and advertising partners we have started to build a reputation for appealing to and attracting highly capable and ambitious graduates. Our current campaign has already proved successful with many of our graduate roles committed and filled, and with strong assessment days in the pipeline for the remaining opportunities.

Whilst the most important feedback comes from our graduates and hiring managers, click here to view some of our graduate profiles, we've started to be acknowledged externally with our attraction and digital campaigns being nominated for RADs, SoMo (social media awards) and the forthcoming Target Job Awards. Our Graduate Induction programme was recently 'highly commended' at the annual Association of Graduate Recruitment Awards (click here to find out more).

We see this as the foundation for our graduates attraction and development and intend to continue to drive improvements and innovation that will support our business goals. We will keep you posted with who is awarded the Under Graduate of the Year with the progress our Interns and graduates are making.



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