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Energy to Succeed - A case study from McDonald's

Accurate billing and the ability to on-board new sites quickly and simply makes Gazprom Energy the gas supplier of choice for McDonald's and its UK franchisees.

​With its iconic golden arches a prolific sight up and down the UK, McDonald’s large footprint and franchise structure demands flexibility and accuracy from its energy partners. The business formed a gas supply relationship with Gazprom Energy in 2011, providing it with the scalability to easily on-board new restaurants at any point in the contract.

“We’re one brand but we’re not one company, in fact in the UK we’re more than 150 companies,” explains Peter Schroeder, Senior Energy Consultant at McDonald’s UK. “To work with us, energy suppliers have to be flexible and able to handle change without causing us problems. It’s not a simple job but Gazprom Energy has proved that it’s more than up to the task.”
“After food and people, energy is the third biggest controllable cost that our restaurant managers face, so it’s important that we can offer franchisees easy access to a good deal,” continues Peter. “The fact that every single current franchisee in Great Britain has chosen to take this contract up shows the faith they have both in McDonald’s to select the right supplier and in Gazprom Energy to deliver a good service.”
Currently Gazprom Energy supplies over 1000 McDonald’s sites on a seven-year contract. It’s a scale that makes accurate billing and clear communication an absolute priority.
“We can’t operate without accurate and timely billing,” says Peter. “It’s our number one priority when selecting a supplier. Obviously the price has to be competitive but above all I have to have faith that they can handle the challenges presented by a multi-site, multi-ownership business.
“We get that and a really high standard of customer service from Gazprom Energy – we’ve always had an account manager that’s available on the phone when we need them and they’re invariably prompt and effective in resolving queries.”
The challenge:
Deliver a consistently good and accurate service to a growing multi-site, multi-ownership business.
The solution:
A scalable contract with easy on-boarding for new sites backed with responsive customer service and accurate billing.
The benefits:
  • A competitive contract with the ability to add new sites at any time
  • Accurate billing across 1,000 sites
  • Quick and easy access to a dedicated account manager