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GM&T France teams up with Scania for the NGV Tour (Les Rencontres gaz Scania) across France

This autumn, Gazprom Marketing & Trading France (GM&T France) teamed up with Scania France - one of the world's leading manufacturers of heavy trucks and buses to promote the benefits of natural gas for vehicles (NGV).​
The Scania Meetings - “Les Rencontres gaz Scania” - took place between 6 and 24 October 2014, and saw several NGV-fuelled heavy vehicles travelling through France. Starting in Paris, vehicles crossed through Loire - Atlantic, Brittany, South of France, the Alsace region and finished in the North of France.
During each stop GM&T and other partners presented some major principles and advantages of the gas use as fuel for heavy transport industry (compressed and liquefied form of natural gas). The targeted audience was mainly composed of major transport and logistics companies registered and operating in France as well as local authorities. In each stop, trucks and buses were available for open tests that demonstrated their main features and qualities. In addition to this, participants in Angers had the opportunity to visit the company’s production plant in the city and to see ‘behind the scenes’ of the Scania trucks.
GM&T France provided support to Scania with a CNG mobile refuelling station – a crucial point of the operation - enabling drivers to refuel their vehicles along the road show as the CNG refuelling network has limited cover throughout France.
Les Rencontres gaz Scania” gave all partners the opportunity to evaluate the interest of NGV as a fuel as well as to present and discuss the progress of natural gas-powered products and their regulations. During the event the companies met with potential customers and decision-makers to present the NGV solutions: vehicles and related services such as fuel supply or maintenance. “The Scania event has been a major landmark in G4T business development in France. It has helped us to better understand the needs and fears of the potential clients, so that we feel confident in approaching them properly and in developing the solution which will fit with their expectations,” said Olga Golovchiner, Senior Synergy and Development Officer for GM&T France.
The event was a great success and GM&T’s contribution was essential to making the convoy of the natural gas vehicles possible. By participating in the event, GM&T clearly defined its position on the Gas For Transport (G4T) market and showed its readiness to take an active part in the development of the gas for transport industry in Europe, and particularly in France. It also gave the company a better understanding of the competition within the G4T market and the future trends of this emerging industry.
The event strengthened GM&T France’s relationship with Scania and helped the company establish relationships with major transport and logistics companies in Europe as well as local authorities, eager to promote the use of natural gas for road transport.
GM&T France is currently working on a larger partnership with Scania France on NGV projects development as well as further discussions with possible clients met during the event.