Igor Lipskiy


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Igor Lipskiy has been Deputy Head of Asset Management and Corporate Relations for OAO Gazprom since 2003. He is responsible for the property and asset management for OAO Gazprom and its subsidiaries around the globe.
Prior to this, Mr Lipskiy worked for Gazprom as Head of the Division of Property Management.
Igor Lipskiy has also held the title of Secretary of the Board of Directors for Gazprom (UK) Limited since April 2012.
In addition, Mr Lipskiy is also member of the Supervisory Board for OJSC Orgenergogas in Russia, a member of the Board of Directors of UrdanetaGazprom-1, S.A. and UrdanetaGazprom-2, S.A. in Venezuela and a member of the Supervisory Board of Gasum Oy in Finland.
Igor Lipskiy graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, with a major in economics.