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Due attention to be paid to payment terms

As the outbreak of Covid-19 has led to increased fraud attempts, we would like to inform you that Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd and its subsidiaries neither changed their bank accounts nor have intention to make such a change in the foreseeable future. Please, kindly pay due attention to any instance involving alleged amendments in payment terms and use for payments the conditions you are familiar with.

Due attention​ is to be paid while concluding contracts

GM&T LTD would like to inform you that the number of supposedly illegal activities in the name and under cover of the corporate identity of Gazprom Export LLC (and other companies belonging to Gazprom Export) has increased recently. We furthermore wish to inform you that under Russian law Gazprom Export LLC is the only natural gas supplier belonging to the Gazprom group of companies abroad and does not use Russian or foreign companies/individuals as intermediaries in the negotiation and conclusion of contracts.

Regarding these safety aspects, please contact Gazprom Export LLC directly:
Fax: +7 (812) 646-14-15

Please note that since February 2019, the company with the similar name Gazprom Export LLC, tax number 7729717374, with Marcel Rinatovich Galyautdinov as general director, is active in Russia. This company is in no way related neither to Gazprom Export nor Gazprom Group. Before, the above company was known under the name ‘VIP Arbat LLC’.

Also a group of unidentified persons sends out from January 2019 commercial offers pretending to be on behalf of Gazprom Export LLC, and inviting potential buyers to a “mutually beneficial cooperation”. In those offers, the interested companies are invited to sign contracts with a 100%-advance payment clause.

These unidentified persons tend to include the proper details of Gazprom Export LLC in the contracts they draft, and they often provide the publicly available copies of the real incorporation documents of Gazprom Export LLC, like Statute or tax registration certificate.

These persons communicate per phone or email and use a number of reasons to avoid any personal contact. They compose their emails in Russian and/or English, using the general facts on Gazprom Export available on open sources. With this, they replace certain details with the fake telephone numbers or email addresses, and falsified signatures of company management. 

Among other, these persons tend to use phone numbers with Moscow or St. Petersburg dialing codes like

+7 (499) 350-32-85,     +7 (499) 350-85-15,     +7 (495) 205-56-29,     +7 (812) 309-46-18,     +7 (812) 309-86-94,
+7 (812) 309-02-50,     +7 (812) 309-87-28,     +7 (812) 309-27-65,     +7 (812) 448-39-54,     +7 (812) 448-53-91,
+7 (812) 627-13-46,     +7 (812) 627-21-89,     +7 (919) 100-99-74,     +7 (919) 970-66-22

and the web domain (with email addresses,,  and others alike), as well as addresses,,, or

GM&T LTD kindly asks you to be careful when entering into the commercial mail exchange and contractual relations with companies that use contact details similar to Gazprom Export LLC or other companies belonging to Gazprom Export LLC.

We would like to stress, especially for Russian entities, that Gazprom Export LLC carries out trade operations exclusively for exports (to the foreign-based companies). Any offers pretending to act on behalf of Gazprom Export LLC, and suggesting supplies within Russian Federation, are therefore reasonably suspicious.

Please keep us informed as far as possible about wrongly offering the export of natural gas or other products for sale on behalf of Gazprom Export LLC or other companies belonging to Gazprom Export, by e-mail to or by fax: +7 (812) 646 1415.