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Gazprom Global LNG

Global LNG Shipping
GM&T’s LNG business is driven from London with regional offices in Singapore, Zug and Houston in collaboration with Gazprom headquarters in Moscow.

The team develops and implements Gazprom’s global LNG business strategy and vision by bringing to market Russian reserves through developing LNG liquefaction projects:

  • Portfolio Development – increasing Gazprom’s long and medium-term LNG supply portfolio through Russian LNG complementing with non-Russian supplies and developing new markets (including those inaccessible by pipeline gas), introducing new products and services and establishing relationships with new suppliers and customers;
  • Trading and Origination – managing and optimising LNG portfolio; competing at international level to secure worldwide spot and mid-term supplies and markets
  • Shipping & Operations – building, chartering, vetting and operating Gazprom’s LNG shipping fleet and serving as its centre of shipping expertise
  • Coordination – managing Gazprom’s 24-hour global LNG marketing, trading and shipping operations in London, Houston, Zug and Singapore.

What is LNG?

LNG is odourless, non-toxic, clean-burning and non-corrosive. In the absence of an ignition source, it evaporates quickly and disperses, leaving no residue. LNG spills on water or land require no environmental clean-up.

Natural gas is converted to LNG by cooling to -160° Celsius (-260° Fahrenheit). This reduces its volume by a factor of more than 600, allowing it to be transported efficiently by ship. This provides customers in regions with restricted access to pipeline gas with access to the vast natural gas resources available worldwide. At its destination, LNG is unloaded at receiving terminals and stored as a liquid until converted back to natural gas and sent via pipeline for distribution to consumers. 


Adding value to our customers and Gazprom Group

GM&T buys and sells LNG in single deals, as well as multi-cargo deals which could span over 20 years.  We also structure complex deals with our affiliates involving pipeline gas, time swaps, options, and equity investments along the entire value chain from well-head to end user.

Transporting LNG by sea enables Gazprom to reliably supply natural gas to our growing global customer base.  This creates value for the Gazprom Group as a whole by providing:

  • Security of demand (by accessing new markets);
  • Security of transit (complementing our pipeline networks);
  • Diversification of natural gas pricing (through access to regional gas indices such as NBP (UK), Henry Hub (USA) and JCC (Japan); and
  • A global web of assets that can be optimised and synergized with other Gazprom business units to create additional value for the Group.



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